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"Does it hurt?"

Let's be honest...Laser Tattoo Removal is not the most pleasant sensation. You shouldn't expect to feel like you're being kissed by sunshine and rainbows. Popular description of the laser removal process likens it to being repeatedly snapped with a rubber band or struck by popping bacon-grease. In some cases, the removal can't be felt at all. Each tattoo can feel completely different , thanks to all those variables. Each session will last approximately 5-15 minutes, after which the treated area will feel very much like a sunburn. Swelling, itching, even minor blistering can occur, and are not at all uncommon. With proper aftercare, you will experience maximum session results 4-6 weeks after your treatment.

"How does it work?"

First, Captain Kirk calls Scotty in Engineering to have him tune the Di-lithium crystals of the warp-drive... Actually, it sounds even more Sci-Fi in real life! Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser energy in varying wavelengths (usually 532nm and 1064nm) are focused and applied in calculated intensity to the tattoo that is to be removed. The intense energy of this laser is absorbed by the ink particles, resulting in their disintegration. These smaller, broken-down particles are then disposed of by the body's own immune system. Mysteriously, our process works from the inside-out! We target the deepest and darkest layers of your tattoo first, and work our way to the top until your Oops! is no more!

"How many sessions will it take?"

Due to the many variables involved, such as pigment type, depth, natural pigmentation, colors involved, and many others, each tattoo presents its own unique challenges and course of treatment. A broad, rough figure to begin with is between 3 to 12 sessions. This is why Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal does not give pricing quotes for total cost. We quote session costs, so you're only paying for what you get!

"How much will it cost?"

Since every individual tattoo is completely different, we strictly charge by the session. Our minimum session cost is $50, with the maximum being $200 per session. If you pre-purchase 5 sessions, your 6th session will be free! Consultations are always free of charge.

"Are there any side effects?"

Immediately after the laser has been applied to the tattoo, you will notice a whitening of the uppermost layer of skin that was treated. This is a result of tiny amounts of gas released by the heat destruction of the pigment particles by the laser. After the procedure, you can experience temporary swelling, itching, heat-sensitivity, and possible (though rare) blistering. Should blisters occur, scarring can be avoided by keeping the affected area clean and dry, and applying a small amount of Vitamin A&D Healing Ointment. Another rare side effect can be a temporary hyper- or hypo-pigmentation. (Darkening or lightening of the natural pigmentation of the skin in the treated area.)

"Will I have any scarring?"

Should any blistering occur, the chance of scarring is increased. In most cases, scarring can be avoided by following the provided after-care instructions, and applying the provided healing ointment to the affected area. Please note, however, that any scarring that was present before the treatment will not be removed or reduced. Laser Tattoo Removal will affect the ink, specifically. It will have no reductive, nor adverse, effects on pre-existing scar tissue formations.