Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal



5655 E Grant Rd

Tucson, AZ


Open Monday-Thursday

9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

About us...

Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal is a whole new idea.  New thought, new design, new market...all to bring a whole new way to erase the mistakes of the past.

Using state-of-the-art laser equipment and techniques combined with a clean, comfortable setting and superior customer service, we intend to bring Laser Tattoo Removal within reach of the general population.

Let's face it...not every young and carefree decision is an incredibly sound one.  Why let that molehill become a mountain?  Now, Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal can come to your rescue in a timely, professional, and affordable manner.

With the idea of making Laser Tattoo Removal affordable to a much larger market, we hope to build a long lasting friendship with our community, using our platform to help others overcome those past mistakes.  Removal of gang-related tattoos, offensive tattoos, and other markings associated with negative subjects can go to fantastic lengths to give someone a fresh start.  A new skin for a new life.  We at Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal are excited to offer such positive help to those who could use it most!

Oops! Laser Tattoo Removal is designed, from the ground-up, to be new and completely different.  No more extravagant session pricing.  No more indifferent, elitist staff rushing your session between chemical peels and Botox injections. 

We offer you a friendly, creative, and comfortable way to have your tattoo removed. No gimmicks, no hassle...just a simple solution to your tattoo problems.

Your experience is our number-one priority, and for affordable, dependable, and friendly Laser Tattoo Removal, look no further than the first word that comes to mind...Oops!


  Jessica hard at work erasing the mistakes of the past!

  Jessica hard at work erasing the mistakes of the past!